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Brake Repair
Ace Auto Repair knows brakes are one of the most important parts of your car. When a squirrel jumps in front of your car, or the truck in front
of you makes a sudden stop, you depend on your brakes to keep you safe. Brake repair doesn't have to be an expensive or agonizing procedure,
especially when you come to Ace auto Repair! Our specialists help you understand what you need to keep your brakes operating properly and
keeping you safe!

Signs Your Brakes May Need Repair

Drag - Brakes that stick or seem not let go. Your car may seem to lose power
Grabs - Brake seem real "touchy." This be very minor or a big issue
Hard Pedal - Requires hard pressure to make brakes work
Low Pedal - Braking requires you to push brake pedal almost to floor
Pulling - Vehicle pulls to one side when braking
Squealing - Brakes should be quiet. Some noise may be normal, but excessive, long squealing can be signs of a problem
Vibration - If your steering wheel or vehicle vibrates when applying the brakes, you may need brake service
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