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Cooling System Service & Repairs
We are One-Stop full service automobile repair facility

Regular maintenance will save you hundreds of dollars. Let Ace Auto Repair certified technicians check your vehicle's cooling system, clean the
fuel induction system plus much more. All our parts come with extended warranty and our repairs come with our warranty of excellence, so
you can drive with confidence and peace in mind.
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On average, the engine of a four-cylinder vehicle travelling at a speed of 50 mph will produce 4,000 explosions per minute. These explosions create a
massive amount of heat that could destroy the engine if not controlled properly. A vehicle's cooling system is responsible for regulating the engine's
temperature by circulating liquid coolant. As the anti-freeze travels throughout the car, it picks up heat from the engine and carries it away to the
radiator where it is cooled. At Ace Auto Repair, we recommend that coolant be changed every 24,000 miles and that any cracked, leaking, or brittle
hoses be replaced at the same time. If you're having issues with your cooling system, don't risk overheating--Ace Auto Repair offers a wide range of
cooling system repairs and services.


Cooling System Pressure Tests
Water Pump
Fan Clutch
Freeze Plugs
Cooling System Flush
Coolant Exchange Service
Electrical Cooling Fan & Motor Assemblies
Cooling System Hoses
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