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Wheel Balancing

Does your car vibrate or bounce when driving? Does it usually happen on the highway between speeds of 50 and 70 mph? If so,
then you may need to check whether your car’s wheels are in balance. We’ll check your tires for proper inflation, bent rims, or
any other problems that can occur to your tires. Even one ounce of imbalance can effect a front tire enough to cause noticeable
vibration on your steering wheel while driving at higher speeds. If need be, Ace Auto Repair will balance your tires by adding the proper
amount of weight.

Ace Auto Repair technicians also have the experience and expertise to maintain all aspects of the performance of car, SUV and
light truck tires, including tire rotation and wheel alignment. It is recommended by your tire manufacturer that you keep your
wheels in proper alignment and rotate your tires every 6,000 miles. Both will help to equalize tread wear and extend the life of
your tire investment.

Everyone wants a smooth and safe ride; Ace Auto Repair can help, with precision wheel balancing from trained, tested and top-of-the-line
technicians. Call us for an appointment today or simply stop in.

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